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Terms and Conditions of Hire Agreement

  1. These shall apply the the supply of any goods by Pharmacy Support Pty Ltd trading as Adelaide Mobility Equipment (“Owner”) and the hirer identified on the invoice.
  2. For the Purpose of these terms and conditions the invoice is identified as the invoice sent the the hirer.
  3. The invoice will outline the goods that have been supplied to the hirer and the cost the hirer must pay to hire the goods.
  4. The owner will provide the hirer with a price list outlining the cost to hire any egads from the owner. The prices in the price list may change at the digression of the owner. The hirer must pay any change in the price.
  5. The goods shall be delivered by the owner at the expense of the hirer as outlined in the price list unless otherwise indicated in writing by the owner.
  6. The hirer shall during the continuance of the hiring pay the owner without demand by way of rent hire for the goods in accordance with the price list provided to the hirer.
  7. The hirer must pay for the first (2) two weeks in advance to the owner. The minimum hire period is (2) two weeks.
  8. During the continuance of the hiring the hirer will not sell, offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, under lend or otherwise deal with the goods or with any interest in them.
  9. The hirer will not cause or allow any of the goods to be affixed to the premise where the goods shall for the time being be situate.
  10. During the continuance of the hiring the hirer shall at its own expense keep the goods in good and substantial repair and condition (reasonable wear and tear accepted) and insured against fire and loss or damage from whatever cause by a reputable insurer.
  11. If the goods are damaged the hirer will be required to pay to repair any damage. If the goods cannot be repaired as a result of the damage, the hirer will be required to pay to replace the goods.
  12. The hirer will keep the owner indemnified against all loss of or damage to the goods however caused (reasonable wear and tear accepted).
  13. The hirer will permit the owner at all reasonable times to have access to the goods and to inspect the state and condition of the goods.
  14. The owner may at any time by seven (7) days notice in writing to the hirer determine the hiring.
  15. In the event of the hiring being determined the hirer shall forthwith at its own risk and cost deliver up the goods to the owner at the owners address. In the event of the hirer failing to do so the owner may retake possession of the said goods and for that purpose the owner (or his servants or agents) may without previous notice enter upon any premise upon or in which the said goods are situated. All costs and expenses incurred by the owner to retake possession of the goods shall be repaid by the hirer to the Owner on demand.
  16. The termination of the hiring shall not affect the right of the Owner to recover from the hirer any moneys due to the owner at the date of such termination or to recover damage in respect of any breach by the hirer or these terms and conditions.
  17. The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Owner in respect of any actions, pursuits, proceedings, costs, claims and demands brought or made by any person or authority in respect of any accident, injury or damage or alleged accident, injury or damage in consequence or arising out of the use of the goods by the hirer or any other person.
  18. Twenty Four (24) hours notice must be given if the hirer seeks to cancel any equipment pickup. Otherwise pickup fees will be charged for every collection trip made to the hirer’s premise. These fees will be determined by the Owner and must be paid on demand by the hirer to the Owner.
  19. The hirer is responsible to pay for the hiring of the goods. The Owner will not accept the hirer advising that payment for the hired goods will come from and insurer unless the Owner receives written confirmation from the insurer that the hirer’s insurance claim has been approved and insurer agrees to make all relevant payments to the Owner.
  20. The hirer acknowledges that the Owner has explained to the hirer exactly how to use the goods, the hirer has understood this explanation and agrees to only use the goods in accordance with the owners instructions.
  21. The hirer acknowledges that they have read the above terms and conditions and understand them to be the terms and conditions for which the hire of the goods by the Owner are subject.

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